Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Review 2010

i just wanna review what happend in 2010:

* thank god, i can to study english in EF. meet with "bule bule" :p
* be an event organizer RTC UI FM. i'm happy can be part of them :D
* as Organizer of Workshop on Career Planning. work together with incredible and inspiring friend

* be a private teacher for junior high school student. do you want be to be your teacher? just call me :p

* as the 4th winner MP4 Player of Gery Chocolatos Photo Contest. even not 1st winner, at least there was my name in winner list

* lose in Djarum Black Blog Competition and Festival Blog 2010. so sad :(
* have account of tumblr, deviantArt, foursquare, etc
* organize Livecoustic. that was big event i ever make

* for the first i attending L.A. Light Terusik Terakustik Trax Fm for free. i got VIP ticket from RTC

* internal gathering with "anak metal" for twice. mesopotamia and stigmata. that event was organize from my junior for senior include me

* Karma of my plurk reach 100. the highest score (Y). more info click here

* produce film for Teknik Cup. and the film was the winner :D
* as Head of Publication and Documentation OIM UI. the biggest academic competition in UI
* i was 19 years old. and for the first time "diceplokin telor"
* Nizarland already for one year in July 27th (Y)

* spend my long holiday time with and go around to watch world cup with #almu
* as Project Officer for Display UKM RTC in OKK UI. that's not as big as you think 

* produce film for OIM UI for twice. and i was act as "Ketua BEM UI" in second film. haha
* SOTR (Sahur On The Road) for the first time with "anak-anak mendoan"
* Got new camera. it called "inimini". i love it very much :D
* java trip to pekalongan with my family to attend wedding party of my cousin
* as volunteer of JiFFest
* register for swimming competition for the first time. even i wasn't win

that's some things that happened to me in 2010. i realized that 2010 was great year. thanks god :D

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