Rabu, 30 Desember 2015

As Speaker in Filmmaking Workshop

I guess sharing is one of my passion. Through this blog, social media and directly talking to friends, I always share whatever that excites me. A few months ago, I was contacted by one of STID M. Natsir member to share about documentary film workshop. There is no reason to ignore this invitation. Excitedly, I accepted his offering and prepare the material for workshop.

Though, I don't think myself as professional filmmaker yet, I tried to share what I know from my previous experience in producing short movie with Sinematografi UI fellas and video clip with my mentor, Upie Guava. I wish the aim of this event was achieved. They would to have capability in filmmaking as one of "dakwah" medium. Good luck and see you in other interesting sessions :D

P.s: They gave me the certificate as appreciation and also the file folder. When I already backed, I opened the folder, there is envelope. And there is money there. I don't know what to say. I didn't expect for this thing. Beside this is my first time for filmmaking workshop and I know this seminar is free for the student, I mean there is no charge as I know. I really thank to them. It's not about the value of money, but they appreciate me for the knowledge transfer.

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The 1st DIY Wedding Gift I've Ever Made

The day I know one of my best friend gonna married, I found the idea for the wedding present. Genk Jumat (Yoga, Shaka, Hendra, Dhira, Sogusa) and Me always give wedding gift together. For instance, in Shaka's wedding, we collected the money and bought some useful household utilities. For yoga's wedding, I just thought to create DIY Pop Up Photo in Frame.

I proposed the idea to the others and they were excited to the idea. I headed to their office to have short photoshoot. That was my first time making that kind of art. If I know how hard it would be, maybe I didn't propose the idea haha. Because the execution was not as easy as expectation. It needs patience so much. However, I finished the artwork since yoga is my best friend. Therefore, I need to give the personal and best wedding gift for him.

You can see the final look in picture below. Happy wedding Yoga  and Vita :D

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Forum Bisnis ILUMET

Being invited in group which consists entrepreneurs of metallurgy and materials alumni is an honor for me. Someday Pak Basuki, chair of ILUMET (Ikatan Alumni Teknik Metalurgi dan Material) invited me in that group. A couple weeks ago, we had our kick of meeting in Bale Bengong, Halim. My biggest aim joining this meeting is getting knowledge and information as much as possible. As an entrepreneur, I think we need to learn much thing from other entrepreneurs. I hope as time I join this group, my capability in entrepreneurship is getting stronger. Amiiiin.

Anyway our meeting was also featured in this link.

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Artist in Pameran Mall, Jakarta Biennale 2015

Creating an artwork is not as easy as you enjoy it. Absolutely. A few weeks ago, I was busy with my art exhibition titled by Pameran Mall. Actually it was art exhibition by Kelas Pagi Jakarta which displayed our point of view about Mall. All of Kelas Pagi Jakarta students should present our idea to our mentor, Anton Ismael. In fact, there are just 27 people who presented and displayed the artwork in this exhibition.

I got the idea to display about correlation between mall and our subconscious mind. Because, I think that mall is already stated in our subconscious mind. Whatever we want to do, mall is dominant option to choose.

In preparation, execution and displaying the artwork, I got many lesson learned:
1. Don't too much think, do it. Because in the middle of execution, we usually face many unexpected problems.
2. Help people, then people will help you.
3. Be patient in every single detail
4. Listen to every constructive feedback
5. Don't delay to do list. Use time wisely.

I face many problems in the art-making such as changing the display concept D-2 regarding that I didn't find place to print photo in positive film, doodling and stick the drawing on photo in the 5 a.m, sleep just for one and half hours, knowing what lighting I should use at one night before exhibition and hard to find that lighting, so that I bought the Christmas lamp as alternative after opening the exhibition, installing the cable just by myself, and many more.

After facing many problems, finally I can display my artwork.

Preparation time as a person 

I cutted the holes manually, eventually I didn't use it. Wasted effort :(

A few days before D-Day 

I want to say big thank to my KPJ friends who helped me a lot in this exhibition from brainstorming until displaying the art. There are many problems and obstacles which I can't explain one by one. Pa'e (Anton Ismael) said that "Finally you feel how hard to prepare the art exhibition. It makes you 'bleeding'". Yes, I felt it. It was hard. However, when our artwork have displayed, my body felt so released. Thank you Pa'e and Kelas Pagi Jakarta who let me being an artist in this exhibition which is part of Jakarta Biennale. If in 2011, I was the visitor for Jakarta Biennale exhibition. This year, I participated as an artist. Though Pameran Mall is Jakarta Biennale KW4, Pa'e said.

in 2013 I came as the visitors

in 2015, as the artist :D

I also would deliver special thank to Zainal, Laily, Yudha, Dera, Desi & Sandy who spent time to enjoy the exhibition. Then my friends who stated as Co-Producers who donate supporting our exhibition. Uber thanks :)

Exhibition circumstances 
Pa'e opened the exhibition

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Selasa, 10 November 2015

Freelance Assistant Producer

If you see my post about resolution 2015, it stated that one of my resolutions is Professionally working for feature film, TVC or video clip. When I wrote that I knew the plan. I have two options. The first one is to contact Angga Dwimas Sasongko. He is my mentor in Kinescope Workshop. The second one is to contact Upie Guava. I tried to contact Mas Angga. I had opportunity to join his team. However, in short I cannot contact him then I lost the opportunity. Therefore, I need to choose second option.

Upie Guava is younger brother of Ka Misyal. Ka Misyal is one of my mentor. He shares to me a lot regarding youth movement, education, etc. He has told me that he has younger brother who is music video director. The famous name is Upie Guava.

Someday, I saw UpieGuava's post in facebook group, DCI (DSLR Cinematography Indonesia). I added him and sent the message. I presented who I am. I explained that I am UI graduated who used to active in sinematografi UI and now want to learn in the real industry. First, he answered my message then just gone. I just waiting at that moment and back to my Lumos Production business.

In a few months later, when my workload in Lumos was decreasing, I saw his post anymore. He shared his showreel. Not only music video but also short film. My excitement was increase. I contacted him again through facebook messenger. He instantly said "Okay, just go to my office tomorrow".

In Friday morning, I came to his office. The office is located in Jalan Benda, Kemang. There are two units of Ruko on the top of alfamart. I just sat calmly waiting for him. The other people just asked me and I said "I'm waiting for Kak Upie".

When Kak Upie came, he did his business first then spent his time chatting with me. He asked me who you are, what you want to do, etc. I felt awkward because..... I don't know. Just awkward in that new circumstance, didn't know what to do. Kak Upie moved in front of his iMac. I just sat in my place. He called me to go to his chair, "so, what are you want to do?". I just had no idea. Usually in movie production I used to be film director. However, it's impossible to say "I want to be director". "Are you f*cking crazy, Nizaaaaaar?" hahaha that was the answer which came to my mind. I said to him "Actually, I don't really know, because I don't have any experience in real industry. But my friend who worked in video production company said that being production assistant should be good start". Then he asked to his producer who sat behind him "do you need PA?". She said "Yes, I really need it". Kak Upie said "I have new one". I just feel like "Okay, will I start working by today??". Because I didn't prepare anything.

I talked directly with producer "are you ready? I'm so demanding". I just said "Yes, I'm ready". She explained to me directly and clearly what I need to do. However I didn't start working that day, because I had appointment with people in that afternoon. She just said "That's fine, you don't need to start by today. Just come this Sunday, we will shooting. I'll text you the detail".

So, I started working in that production house as freelance assistant producer since last june. I do from lift up the desk, rolling cable, calling bus for shooting, shopping property for shooting, until contact talent, imagine and propose video clip concept and many more.

These are some pictures in production:

Sometimes I do art as well. Making DIY helmet, etc. Cool, isn't it?

Thanks Kak Upie for giving me this opportunity. I wish I can learn much thing here and enhance my ability in videography area.

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As Video Editor Sandy Sandhoro

One day, I was being asked by my boss, music video director to edit video lyric. He just said "do you want small and fast project? just edit this one". I edited Sandy Sandhoro Video Lyric. The lyric 95% uses Deutsch. I'm happy because my experience and knowledge in Goethe Institute was useful. Though, I also can translate it via google.

Anyway that was my first time using Final Cut Pro. When my boss asked me, I just stay calm and being confident that I can do that. Ya because, I use sony vegas pro and adobe premiere. As I know the basic is quite same. When I don't know something I just search "how to" in Youtube. And it's solved

It seems to be easy. But the obstacle is typography and some details in lyric. I missed the lyric for several times. Thank god, the client is Sandy Sandhoro. And one of my Kelas Pagi mates (Dzia) works there. So, I communicated with him through WhatsApp and LINE.

FYI, I finished this video around 3 a.m and 6.30 a.m I need to do Eid Adha pray. That project quite forced me. However, I feel satisfied, because unconsciously I contributed to Indonesian music industry :)

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Senin, 09 November 2015

Brazilian Model Photoshoot

It started by my friend's chat (Teh Maya). She is make up artist. We have worked together in project for pilot promotion. In short, Teh Maya asked me to do proper model photoshoot. I just excited. Because I never do that before and I really wanted to get that experience. Teh Maya connected me with Wita. She is fashion stylist. We had meeting, decided what we want and prepared for photoshoot.

We just had meeting once, then we communicated through WhatsApp group. Wita gave us option about model. Then we dealt with Geovana. Teh Maya also asked Cecilia as hair stylist. I asked Yudha as lighting assistant.

We did photoshoot in BSD, Wita's home. I brought Lumos's lighting studio and background. We did photoshoot from 12pm until 6 pm. It was long but I was glad getting new portfolio.

And these are the final result:

If you are make up artist, fashio stylist, hair stylist or model, and want to do this kind of photo session, just let me know through my instagram :)

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