Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

Closing Martial Art Documentation

Thank god, after launching website of Lumos Production, we got project to documentate an event which called "Pengajian". This event is being held for closing matrial art class before Ramadhan. So, we captured that moment. And also capture ourself when captured that moment hahaha

Lumos Production Crew

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Minggu, 23 Juni 2013

Hidup Itu Khalayak Biskuit

Hai semuanya? Apa kabar? Kali ini gue mau ngomongin sesuatu hal yang agak serius. Tapi gak serius-serius amat juga sih hehehe. Ini tentang filosofi kehidupan. Kalo menurut kalian, kehidupan kalian itu seperti apa? Kalian punya analogi yang bisa mendeskripsikan kehidupan kalian? Gue baru aja nemuin filosofi untuk kehidupan gue sendiri hehehehe.

Sampai detik ini, masih banyak orang yang nanyain "lah? lo lulusan teknik metalurgi bukan sih?" atau pernyataan "Oh gue kira lo anak komunikasi. Oh gue kira lo anak manajemen. Dan oh oh lainnya". Atau saran orang "Udeh, lo kerja di dunia perfilman aja sih" atau saran yang lainnya yang hampir mirip-mirip.

Gue bersyukur sampai detik ini masih bisa "mikir" sebagai engineer, dan "refreshing" dengan ngelakuin beberapa passion gue seperti filmmaking, photography, blogging, dll. Menurut gue hidup itu kayak biskuit. Biskuit itu, punya dua bagian. Bagian luarnya, yang beneran biskuitnya. Dan bagian tengahnya yang berupa "krim" yang sangat nikmat.

sumber: kelincicoklatdiary.wordpress.com 

Itulah kehidupan gue. Kehidupan per-teknik-an gue itu khalayak biskuit bagian luarnya. Sedangkan passion gue itu biskuit bagian dalem. Biskuit itu paling enak ya dimakan semua bagiannya. Kalo cuma makan bagian luarnya doang, gak terlalu "enak" karena "rasa" nya itu justru ada di krim itu. Tapi kalo makan krimnya doang, juga terlalu "keenakan, sampai malah jadi enek".

Kalo gue cuma ngejalanin kehidupan per-teknik-an gue, hidup seperti gak ada rasanya. Hambar. Membosankan. Tapi kalo gue cuma ngejalanin passion gue, gue gak "kenyang", gue gak merasakan kerasnya kehidupan dan kerasnya "mikir" pakai otak. Stressnya ketika lo lagi ngitung-ngitung atau ngedesain pipa yang tak kunjung "connect". Kalo gue cuma foto-foto, bikin film, nge-blog DOANG, gue ngerasa otak gue gak digunain dengan maksimal. Gue akan kangen banget yang namanya itung-itungan, mikir pake logika, walaupun kadang gue merasa sedikit kepusingan dalam kehidupan per-teknik-an gue. Tapi selalu ada nikmat diujung ke-setres-an itu. Ketika pusing kenapa pipa gak connect, dan bisa connect, beuh senengnya subhanallah. Ketika ada yang konsep atau itung-itungan yang gak gue tau, trus jadi tau, itu juga rasanya "crot" banget.

Menurut gue passion dengan kehidupan lo bisa berjalan seiringan. Ya kehidupan orang beda-beda sih. Ada yang dia harus keluar dari rutinitas atau kerjaannya demi mencapai passion. Ada juga yang melupakan passion demi uang untuk keberlangsungan kehidupannya. Semuanya gak ada yang salah. Every people has their own choice. Kita bisa pilih sendiri kita mau hidup kayak apa.

Gue juga gak tau sih ke depannya gue akan seperti apa. Kehidupan apa yang akan gue jalani nantinya. Gue selalu punya rencana untuk ke depannya. Tapi akan ada Allah yang meluruskan hidup gue ke jalan yang terbaik. Manusia akan selalu punya rencana, tapi Tuhan lah yang akan menentukan.

I am just the person who want to enjoy my life. Learn from the others. Improve my skills. And share thoughts via this blog. Hope you enjoyed :)

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Lumos Production? What's That?

It started from a dream and an idea. The real contribution that we can give to the others. We have some passions. Ya, photography, videography, and all about capturing your memories.

I personally feel passionate to capture picture, record some video and the other similar things. I can't lie to myself that i can't escape from camera viewfinder. And now, we did real contribution. We build Lumos Production. It started from beginning of this year and i wish it would be one of the top 'Production House' in Indonesia or even in worldwide scale. I know, that my dream is too big. But, i'll chase it. Believe me.

We took some photograph of ourself as our Personal Photo. Enjoy :)

Me, Nizar (Photographer + Videographer)

Rahadian Prayudha (Photographer + Editor)

Debora Octavia (Assistant + Marketing Officer)

We started it by small act and small idea, slowly but sure it would be a huge one. If you want to capture your memories. Prewedding, wedding, event documentation, family potrait, product photography, etc. Just contact us. You can see our portfolio at:

See you! ;)

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Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Widi Wedding Party + Coffee Institute

After Teteh's Wedding Party, and this is the next wedding party one of family in #metal08. Widi at that time officially as husband of Nurin (his wife). Congratulation widi. I wish you would be great leader in your family. And of course, I wish you and your family always happy and healthy.

We didn't directly back to home, but continued the night in Coffee Institute in Jl. Gunawarman. That was my first time having a coffee there. Cozy place with affordable price, I think.

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FPSO Contract Party

We end our weekday with small party in our office. We called it FPSO Contract Party. It celebrated that we got contract to do Ichthys Project. Cake and cookies everywhere, even the cake so freezing hahaha

p.s: photos are given from Pradit and Yoga

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Korean Gifts

Some of my office mates had been from Korea for Training. Some of them are the person who have in charge in Gina Krog Project and the other as Pipe Stress Analyst in Ichthys Project. I've asked them to bring me some gift and they pay their promise hahaha. And these are some gifts from them.

The details

The least important gift from Hikam. He stole it from DSME Korea HAHAHAHA

Thanks all!

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