Selasa, 28 Juni 2016

Expression in Breakfasting

In Ramadhan month, there are absolutely breaking the fast invitation. This year, I didn't attend many this kinda gathering time. I just attend one or two breakfasting's event. The memorable one is breaking the fast with my fellow engineers.

Ajeng and Adit bought new apartment and some of us were invited to "open house". We went there and consolidate ourselves. I thought that was great time to capture some of their expression. That's why I brought my camera :D

Some of uf played Plays Station

Some of us play board game which has been introduced by Pradit

Some of expression shots 

Thank you Adit Ajeng for the invitation :)

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

Minggu, 19 Juni 2016

Engagement of Ajeng & Adit

Ajeng and Adit are good friends of mine. We were in same engineering company and same batch. Moreover, I have knew Ajeng since we were in college. A month ago they held their engagement. Ajeng asked me becoming their photographer in their engagement day. I always happy capturing my friend's special moment.

There are some pictures:

You can see my other photographs through the link below:

"Where The Land Inspires The World"