Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Kawah Putih & Pasar Ah Pong

It was crazy idea, Debora's idea actually. We have been planned trip to somewhere since several months ago. And it implemented last weekend. We started our trip from 5.30 a.m. Then arrived in Kawah Putih around 10 a.m. Took pictures there and got back at 11 p.m to somewhere we had not decided yet. After get any inspiration, we decided to Pasar Ah Pong, Sentul. We took a rest while lunch for some minutes in Rest Area. 4 p.m already in Ah Pong and we enjoy the crowd there. Afterwards got back to home at 6.30 p.m

Ya, it was tight-scheduled-trip. We spend our day mostly on the road. Otherwise that was super refreshing my mind. Thank guys!

More fun picture of us :) 

 photo kawah-putih_zpsf75fa40d.gif

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Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

1st UI Film Festival, SUCCESS !!!

Finally, after couple of years to prepare, UI Film Festival was successfully. Even, it was the first time of UI Film Festival, about 55 short movie have been registered. Good start, indeed. UI Film Festival had been held for 3 days. I just went there for last day and just enjoyed the last screening which screened short movie that was produced by UI Filmmaker. I liked AFEKSI by FTUI and Selamat Ulang Tahun Shing by FISIP.

The pictures of last screening,

More pictures 

It continued to awarding night at 7 p.m. Generally, the rundown were announcement of The Most Favourite Movie, The Best Director and The Best Movie. El Clasico is the most favourite movie for this festival. The best director goest to Abdul Razzaq by his title Hectic. And for the best movie goes to Pohon Uang, directed by Aby Azy. Beside the announcement, there was entertainment by Senar Budaya and Music Bengkel. And also screening  A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw a Hole in One. In the end, they played movie which is the winner in this festival. So, I watched El Clasico, Hectic and Pohon Uang.

Personally, i was being grateful. It was our aim since three years ago and finally we did it. Sinematografi UI can execute Film Festival. I wish this event can continue to next year regularly. See you and keep support our local movie :)

Master of Ceremony

The Best Director

The Best Movie

Other pictures 
Senar Budaya


We are Sinematografi UI

Me and "Mira Lesmana" ;P

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34th Indonesian Petroleum Association

Ya, maybe some of you wonder why I review this kind of event. I never think to attend this event before. It was my first time. Initially, we expected to ask to many vendor regarding our project. But we confused what we had to ask to vendor since we never contact with vendor. We just design and prepare for production drawing.

So, we changed our plan, as a souvenir hunter we tried to get souvenir as much as possible hahaha. Some of tenant conducted presentation then shared souvenir. I got pillow from Conoco Phillips. I don't know what i have to share about this event. I think, it's better to share the picture so you can imagine how big this event.

More photos 

It's white board that projected by lightsource. Sort of hologram.

Like A Pro

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Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

[Upcoming Event] UI Film Festival 2014

UI Film Festival adalah sebuah festival film pendek mahasiswa dan merupakan sebuah program yang diselenggarakan oleh Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Sinematografi UI. UI Film Festival bertujuan untuk menjadi wadah apresiasi dan kontribusi mahasiswa se-Indonesia yang memiliki minat dan bakat dalam bidang perfilman.

Salah satu program UI Film Festival adalah kompetisi film pendek mahasiswa yang dibuka sejak tanggal 21 Februari 2014 hingga batas akhir pengumpulan karya tanggal 1 April 2014, kompetisi ini terbuka untuk seluruh mahasiswa se-Indonesia. Film-film kompetisi ini nantinya akan memperebutkan 3 kategori pemenang yaitu Film Terbaik, Sutradara terbaik dan juga Film Terfavorit pilihan penonton.

Selain itu, rangkaian program yang akan ada di UI Film Festival antara lain adalah program pemutaran film yang dibagi menjadi 3 kategori yaitu Sinema Mahasiswa: pemutaran film pendek karya mahasiswa dalam kategori kompetisi dan non-kompetisi, Sine UI (pemutaran film pendek karya mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia), Mengenang Karya (pemutaran film-film pendek karya Sutradara terkenal di-Indonesia pada saat masih berstatus sebagai mahasiswa) serta Special Screening untuk film-film pendek undangan.

UI Film Festival akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 22-24 Mei 2014 di Kampus Universitas Indonesia, Depok. UI Film Festival akan menyuguhkan serangkaian program menarik untuk mengisi acara UI Film Festival. UI Film Festival ini diharapkan dapat menginspirasi dan meningkatkan apresiasi dan kontribusi mahasiswa terhadap dunia perfilman Indonesia.

Mari datang ke UI Film Festival dan sama-sama mengapresiasi film pendek karya mahasiswa!

Untuk info dan jadwal program screening lebih lanjut, sila pantau terus linimasa @SinematografiUI.

Hari & Tanggal         : Kamis – Sabtu, 22 – 24 Mei 2014
Tempat                     : Kampus Universitas Indonesia, Depok
Narahubung              : @SinematografiUI 
Gratis. Terbuka untuk umum.

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Minggu, 18 Mei 2014

Indovidgram Instameet

A couple days ago, I recognized from Instagram that this Sunday would be 1st gathering of Indovidgram Community. For your information, Indovidgram is community who encourage people to produce video through Instagram. The maximum length of this video is 15 second, so that it should be simple. However, I still never produce video through Instagram. I promise to challenge my creativity by produce that kind of video.

I registered in Thursday, but i didn't get email confirmation at all. Afterwards, I contacted Aulion via LINE. Actually, I never met Aulion since today, I just contacted through social media before. But, when I checked my LINE, there's contact of him so that I texted him ASAP. Then he said to come even not get the email confirmation yet.

Today, I learned a lot from them. Most of them comedian and so funny. Some of Indovidgram member shared how to produce the video. Not only share about the idea of videomaking but also technical issue. We separated into several groups to produce video, at least one video. But my group succeeded to create two videos. This video should be uploaded to Indovidgram Instagram account.

I met with many people. I have chit-chat to Bena and also his girlfriend Vendryana who friend of my office mate. Same case with Aulion, I also just contact to Bena through social media before and today finally we had meet up. Oh ya, honestly I was surprised by Duo Harbatah. They are the first account that I knew who descendant of arab and create creative videos regularly through Youtube and Instagram. And that's funny and prominent.

I wish this gathering should be conducted regularly, the member more productive to create video (note to myself), later we are being solid community. If you want to know what kind of videos that Indovidgram create, just follow Instagram @Indovidgram. Be ready to laugh and inspired :)




Duo Harbatah

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Random Thought

Tonight, I am reviewing my blog. Personally, I feel so sad. I really miss my blog a few years ago. When I was in college, I posted many things I like. Story of events, videos, photos, thought of mine, etc. But now, I seem like lost my mood to write. Feels like I have no time to post.

Since 2013, when I started working in office. I don't know, it caused by my life was so flat or other reasons, literally the number of post in this blog significantly drop. God, please motivate me to do blogging consistently, so that I can practice my writting then share the ideas or creativity through this land.

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Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

Lesson from Short Movie Production (AROGANSI)

The latest post before this one, I posted about short movie project competition in here. This project has been over. I personally feel blessed as part of this project. I want to say great thanks to my humble and knowledgeable mentor, mas Angga Dwimas Sasongko. He shared us a lot about mindset as director, technical issues and absolutely told about his experience.

I got much lesson for myself personally. I will write down the details:
  1. Director should share his/her vision to crews and cast. Explain and describe the reason why we have to do this treatment, why the cast have to act like somebody, why the camera have to be located in that position.
  2. Director is longtime commitment. I think it’s hard to be director in two, three or more films in one time. Even the first film in break time, we still have mindset/style of first film. Eventually it affects the second film which not totally produced.
  3. Keep  the ideas of everyone as much as we can. Execute that we think relevant to our vision. Explain wisely to others if the ideas not relevant.
  4. Scheduling as detail as you can. Prepare anything for shooting day. Equipment, battery,  property, etc
  5. Don't hesitate to ask our cast to re-take if we still not sure about the shot.
  6. Pepare enough time for editing. And we should do preview first in another day with full crew and cast. If the vision doesn't catch in that movie, just re-edit or even should do re-take
  7. And the last but not least, I have been learnt by character in this film, Wisnu Suryatama. Whatever we achieved, do the best for our goal and don't be arrogant.
Full crew and two cast at Awarding Night

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