Selasa, 10 November 2015

Freelance Assistant Producer

If you see my post about resolution 2015, it stated that one of my resolutions is Professionally working for feature film, TVC or video clip. When I wrote that I knew the plan. I have two options. The first one is to contact Angga Dwimas Sasongko. He is my mentor in Kinescope Workshop. The second one is to contact Upie Guava. I tried to contact Mas Angga. I had opportunity to join his team. However, in short I cannot contact him then I lost the opportunity. Therefore, I need to choose second option.

Upie Guava is younger brother of Ka Misyal. Ka Misyal is one of my mentor. He shares to me a lot regarding youth movement, education, etc. He has told me that he has younger brother who is music video director. The famous name is Upie Guava.

Someday, I saw UpieGuava's post in facebook group, DCI (DSLR Cinematography Indonesia). I added him and sent the message. I presented who I am. I explained that I am UI graduated who used to active in sinematografi UI and now want to learn in the real industry. First, he answered my message then just gone. I just waiting at that moment and back to my Lumos Production business.

In a few months later, when my workload in Lumos was decreasing, I saw his post anymore. He shared his showreel. Not only music video but also short film. My excitement was increase. I contacted him again through facebook messenger. He instantly said "Okay, just go to my office tomorrow".

In Friday morning, I came to his office. The office is located in Jalan Benda, Kemang. There are two units of Ruko on the top of alfamart. I just sat calmly waiting for him. The other people just asked me and I said "I'm waiting for Kak Upie".

When Kak Upie came, he did his business first then spent his time chatting with me. He asked me who you are, what you want to do, etc. I felt awkward because..... I don't know. Just awkward in that new circumstance, didn't know what to do. Kak Upie moved in front of his iMac. I just sat in my place. He called me to go to his chair, "so, what are you want to do?". I just had no idea. Usually in movie production I used to be film director. However, it's impossible to say "I want to be director". "Are you f*cking crazy, Nizaaaaaar?" hahaha that was the answer which came to my mind. I said to him "Actually, I don't really know, because I don't have any experience in real industry. But my friend who worked in video production company said that being production assistant should be good start". Then he asked to his producer who sat behind him "do you need PA?". She said "Yes, I really need it". Kak Upie said "I have new one". I just feel like "Okay, will I start working by today??". Because I didn't prepare anything.

I talked directly with producer "are you ready? I'm so demanding". I just said "Yes, I'm ready". She explained to me directly and clearly what I need to do. However I didn't start working that day, because I had appointment with people in that afternoon. She just said "That's fine, you don't need to start by today. Just come this Sunday, we will shooting. I'll text you the detail".

So, I started working in that production house as freelance assistant producer since last june. I do from lift up the desk, rolling cable, calling bus for shooting, shopping property for shooting, until contact talent, imagine and propose video clip concept and many more.

These are some pictures in production:

Sometimes I do art as well. Making DIY helmet, etc. Cool, isn't it?

Thanks Kak Upie for giving me this opportunity. I wish I can learn much thing here and enhance my ability in videography area.

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As Video Editor Sandy Sandhoro

One day, I was being asked by my boss, music video director to edit video lyric. He just said "do you want small and fast project? just edit this one". I edited Sandy Sandhoro Video Lyric. The lyric 95% uses Deutsch. I'm happy because my experience and knowledge in Goethe Institute was useful. Though, I also can translate it via google.

Anyway that was my first time using Final Cut Pro. When my boss asked me, I just stay calm and being confident that I can do that. Ya because, I use sony vegas pro and adobe premiere. As I know the basic is quite same. When I don't know something I just search "how to" in Youtube. And it's solved

It seems to be easy. But the obstacle is typography and some details in lyric. I missed the lyric for several times. Thank god, the client is Sandy Sandhoro. And one of my Kelas Pagi mates (Dzia) works there. So, I communicated with him through WhatsApp and LINE.

FYI, I finished this video around 3 a.m and 6.30 a.m I need to do Eid Adha pray. That project quite forced me. However, I feel satisfied, because unconsciously I contributed to Indonesian music industry :)

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Senin, 09 November 2015

Brazilian Model Photoshoot

It started by my friend's chat (Teh Maya). She is make up artist. We have worked together in project for pilot promotion. In short, Teh Maya asked me to do proper model photoshoot. I just excited. Because I never do that before and I really wanted to get that experience. Teh Maya connected me with Wita. She is fashion stylist. We had meeting, decided what we want and prepared for photoshoot.

We just had meeting once, then we communicated through WhatsApp group. Wita gave us option about model. Then we dealt with Geovana. Teh Maya also asked Cecilia as hair stylist. I asked Yudha as lighting assistant.

We did photoshoot in BSD, Wita's home. I brought Lumos's lighting studio and background. We did photoshoot from 12pm until 6 pm. It was long but I was glad getting new portfolio.

And these are the final result:

If you are make up artist, fashio stylist, hair stylist or model, and want to do this kind of photo session, just let me know through my instagram :)

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Kelas Pagi on Metro TV

One day, class was finished. Then there is Metro TV reporter and cameraman who came to Third Eye Space. They wanted to do reportage about Kelas Pagi Jakarta. Therefore, most of us were shot. I can't see the embed video on its website. However, one of my friend (Wira) captured when it was LIVE on TV.

We arranged to do photo session as one of activity in Kelas Pagi. I'm just happy because having new proper photographs which captured by KPJ Fellow, AndreCuk. These are the pictures.

Cool, isn't it? :p

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I am Happy Photographer

One of product in Lumos Production is event documentation. We often being hired as professional photographer or videographer by several companies. One of the last event is Seminar about Non-Communicable Diseases by Health Ministry.

Actually, there are a lot of event that we captured, but I just want to post this event due to client excitement. The event was held in Hotel Borobudur and there was also cultural night which has been held in Jimbaran Restaurant, Ancol.

I captured some pictures from seminar, outdoor activity and cultural night. One of the pleasure is getting conversation with doctors, nutritionists, scientist and other bright people. I didn't just take photography but I made a friend with them.

These are several pictures:

In the last day, suddenly the officer and many participant asked me for pictures. Actually, in working contract, I would not send files in d-day, I will have time to do post processing. However, they really wanted to see the pictures. I just distributed through their flash disks.

There was one participant who come to me after seeing the pictures. I just asked them "How's the pictures, ma'am? Do you have any constructive feedback?". She just said as written below

That's literally what she said. I didn't feel out of happy or something. I just being happy because I can do what I love. And when we do something from our heart, the good result will come. I wish there will be more happy customers which served by Lumos Production :)

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Eid Adha 1436H

Maybe some of you know that I regularly captured in Eid Adha year by year. You can see in 1431 H, 1432 H, and 1434 H. Ya I missed for 1433 H and 1435 H. For this year, I also captured some pictures. I'm sorry if they are some disturbing pictures.

Other pictures 

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As Indian Golfer's Guide

I got the information through broadcast message in one of LINE groups. I applied for the job because it just for a few days and the event was held by travel. I just imagine that I would being travelled somewhere.

I got interview and the interviewer ask "are you oke with night entertainment?". When he asked that, I just imagined that I need to accompany guests to nightclub or whatever. That's fine. I'll just be sit and whatever they want to do, they'll be their business.

I accepted and actually it was golf tournament. The event was held in Jakarta for a week. The participant came from India. I had 4 guest which I need to care about. We had training before the event. The travel officer explained us about golf technical things, term and conditions, etc. They also explained to us entertainment around Jakarta. You know what's entertainment means? Massage++. Ya, that one.

When the first day was running. Some of my friends had guests who asked 5 "girls" to come to room. Another one, there was my friend who enter Alexis until late night. I was in the middle of confusion. I mean, in one side, I never go to that place, so I'll feel awkward when my guests will ask me many things. And the other point that I was wondering how the place should be. However, thank god, in 5 days I guided them, I never go to that kind of place.

I'm happy having these new friends :)

I went to three golf clubs, take care about technical and personal inquiries. I also captured their photographs while we're there. I also tried to take golf car, I don't know the name. I was treated by Chinese + Indian food. That's new one for me, but it's good.

In short, that was tiring experience but I got much knowledge about golf, getting new guide friends and now I have more Indian friends. See you when I see you, sir :)

My guests. But the first on the left should be the other person.

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Short Getaway to Bandung

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to Bandung. We stayed in Licu's house. Our main purposes were going to entrepreneurship event which held by Bank Indonesia and gave surprise to Licu's mom.

Hamzah, Zainal, Ziyad and I headed to Bandung using Hamzah's car. We arrived at Licu's House around 1 or 2 a.m. The people already slept. Caused by zainal and ziyad who already know well with Licu's family even security and maid, we can enter the home and we continue to sleep.

In the first day, we started the day by Karaoke in Licu's house. She has it. Then started from afternoon, we went to Bank Indonesia Building in Bandung. Thank god we have great treatment. We also have been served by many meals. In the evening, we went to Paris Van Java to enjoy the night. It's hard to describe, just pictures describe more.

When arrived at house, we prepared the room and some stuff. Then Licu played her role and voile her mom was getting shocked by our surprise. You can see the surprise party through these pictures :)

In the next days, we would back to Jakarta. We finished our last trip in Maja House. I just have heard about the name before but didn't know what's that? and how does it look like? We had lunch there but sorry to say the service was so long and the food not really delicious. We also capture some moments there and back to Jakarta.

Bandung is always good idea ;)

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Saltprint Exhibition

As an photographer/artist we must share our ability and exhibition is the way for us to display our artworks. The artworks which displayed in this exhibition were produced using saltprint technique. If you want to know more about saltprint, you can read my previous post here.

Our exhibition was held in Lobby Menara BCA. I was happy since some of my mates came to the exhibition to appreciate the artworks. For your information, it's hard to do saltprint. For some of my friends, they can easily did one and succeed. However, I did three times for printing the photo.

These are the experiment:

First experiment

Second experiment

And you can see the final result on the small picture on frame below. Anyway I want to say thanks to my friends who spent their time there. Thank you so much guys :)

Exhibition Circumstances

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