Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Sandy Sandhoro on Stage

A week ago, my mate from Kelas Pagi (Dzia) asked me and Agung to join him capturing Sandy Sandhoro when he was performing on stage. It was music event which held by SMAN 61. I photographed Payung Teduh actually. Nonetheless, I won't post it because the pictures isn't as good as my previous payung teduh photographs which captured by me in previous events.

The stage was quite far from me. Moreover, we can't stand literally in front of the stage because the concept was sitting concert. Therefore, the audiences enjoyed the music from their seat. I optimized gears which I have. And these are best pictures of him.

More Pictures 

Me, Dzia & Agung

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Minggu, 24 Mei 2015

[Event] Ruru Radio - Interlokal

After having long long loooong time without new and fresh music, finally last two Thursday I refreshed my ears. I headed to 365 ecobar to attend an event held by Ruru Radio. There were Glovvess from Jakarta, Stars and Rabbit from Yogyakarta, Juveniles and also clarens from France. Initially, I have seen the poster at a glance in my path. Furthermore, my classmates in Kelas Pagi had conversation about that event. I joined the conversation and made appointment with them to go to that event.

The lighting is not really good. I post several photographs that quite good for me. That night was very enjoyable.

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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2015

Photo Printing by Myself

As I wrote in previous posts, I'm taking photography school in Kelas Pagi Jakarta. It is community based actually, but the curriculum is like a school. There are task, remedial, exhibition, mentorship program, etc. This week, we did saltprint. Saltprint is one of methods to print out our photograph on paper, canvas, wood and other media.

I love this task actually though I got trouble doing that stuff. The steps are very scientific. I met (again) with chemical powder, saline solution, etc. If you want to know detail how to do salt print, just watch video below.

Do you wonder how saltprint image looks like? Do you want to see my experiments? Actually, headmaster told us that there will be exhibition for this saltprint labolatory. However, I still doubt the detail when it will be held. Therefore, I can't hold my excitement to show to all of you guys my images. Eventhough I tried three times, I think there is no perfect image. I didn't capture the first one, it was very awful. The second one is better than the first. Then the third is the best (comparing the others) haha.

Preparation pictures 
Tools and ingredients

Dark room

Second image

Third image

Images of my friends in Kelas Pagi are very amazing. Most of them are more awesome than mine. So, even you've seen my images, you must visit our exhibition. I'll update soon through this blog.

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Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

First Time Experience 'Nebeng' with Stranger

Currently I'm running Festival Museum Nasional whose operational office in Bangka, Kemang. Yesterday, I didn't use my motorbike since I went around the schools for roadshow using my friend's motorbike. He suggested me back to home after we had finished roadshow. However, I thought I can ask Muthia or Sesha to join one of their cars. They live in Tebet, neaby my house.

Unfortunatelly, both of those women didn't back to office. They directly backed to home after having done for roadshow. That was my first time actually backed from Kemang without private transportation. I have several common options. First one, busway/angkot. Second one, ojek. Third one, taxi.

I am the one who always use public transportation when I don't use my motorbike. I mean, I rarely use ojek or taxi. I can't imagine using taxi because I thought It can be more than IDR 50.000. Maybe 80.000 or 100.000 because the traffic was bad. I tried to see GOJEK price for my route and it shows IDR 41.000. If I want to use public transportation such as busway or angkot, I need to use Ojek first to Tendean or Mampang. However I imagined that busway will be loaded by tons of people at that peak hour. At a glance, I remember Nebengers because one of my friend (Yudha) is president of district Tangsel for Nebengers (Lurah Nebengers Tangsel).

I tweeted and mentioned @nebengers, but it explained me the rules.

After doing all prerequisites, my tweet has been retweeted by @nebengers, but there was no mention at all for me. I tried to search #BeriTebengan and I found one nearest route for me, that was tweet from @amatjanury. Immediately, I mentioned him and finally we had a deal to meet in Rolling Stone Cafe, Ampera.

I went to Indomaret to buy fresh drink for him as thanksgiving. Anyway I'm forget that actually he tweeted "share cost" as requisite but I just gave him fresh drink, I just realized when I arrived at home. Back to the story, I need to go to Rolling Stone as meeting point, I ask my officemate, she said there is Kopaja to go there, but it's quite rare. I asked ojek near Indomaret, he said "IDR 30.000" from bangka X (200 meters from McD Kemang) to Rolling Stone. I guessed it was quite expensive eventhough I didn't really sure about the ojek price. I walked a bit until McD kemang wishing there would be Kopaja. Nevertheless, there was Ojek who approached me. He offered himself, first he said IDR 20.000 then I bargained to IDR 10.000. Finally we dealt IDR 10.000. That ojek is very nice to me.

After waiting about 10-15 minutes in the cafe. My phone was vibrated regarding incoming text and there was stopped motorbike nearby me. I guess he was Amat and yes my guess was right. I shoke his hand and gave the fresh drink. Then I sat on the back seat and share some stories with him.

Basically, I love making new friends and @nebengers is one of interesting way to expand our network. I think, I will bring my extra helmet regularly then post to twitter #BeriTebengan. Despite many people need our tebengan and we can get new friends. I hope there will be more interesting nebeng stories :)

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Minggu, 03 Mei 2015

Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People

I found series of pictures when I was browsing through facebook. All of pictures are copyrighted by WittyFeed. I just feel these pictures motivates me and I want to share that motivation through this blog. It's light yet powerful :)

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