Selasa, 21 April 2015

1st Task in Kelas Pagi

Yeay! Last monday was our "real" first day in Kelas Pagi. A couple weeks ago, it was orientation week and this week class has been started. As a student, we can't avoid task, right? This is my first task from Pa'e with detail as below. Our objection is that we can separate and recognize zone system by Ansel Adam.

P.s: Due to requirement of Kelas Pagi, I have another blog which dedicated for all of my task. You can access at I won't update all tasks in NIZARLAND, but in that dedicated blog.

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Jumat, 17 April 2015

I am a Photography Student

After resigning from engineering company, I dedicated this year for learning about photography and videography focusly. Yes, I'm running photography and videography business. I always think the way to enhance my ability in those areas. I guess, we just have three options. The first one, taking formal/informal degree. Second, join photography or videography community. Third, working professionally as assistant or whoever of adorable photographer/videographer. I guess, I'll get first and second option in once.

In the end of January, I went to free seminar in Conclave. I met with a guy and he said "Do you want to seriously learn about photography? Join Kelas Pagi. It's very insightful". I already knew about Kelas Pagi and I have joined workshop from Kelas Pagi in last October regarding Fashion Photography.

I assume that Kelas Pagi just conducts free class/workshop/seminar. Nevertheless, it is such as school. If you want to join, you need to wait open recruitment anually, submit your portfolio and having interview. Then, if you are eligible, you can join that class. From my batch. Over 200 applicants, about 90 were called to intervew and 50 are accepted as Student in Kelas Pagi Jakarta.

Last week, I had orientation week from Monday to Friday. I needed to wake up at 5 a.m. Then headed to Third Eye Studio, Cipete at 5.30 a.m. Because the class is started at 6 a.m. I feel so lucky being student in here. Eventhough I just join for one week, but I guess this will be one-year-life-changing experiences for me, especially as professional photographer.

Anyway, this week we don't go to class because we need to prepare proposal. We should choose which path we want to focus. Fashion? Beauty? Journalism? Food? Commercial? etc. I choose commercial as my major. However, final decision is in Pa'e (Anton Ismael) as our mentor. He will choose the major and mentor for us. I wish nothing but the best hehehe

Class circumstance. Photo courtesy: Anton Ismael (Instagram)

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Kamis, 16 April 2015

Pameran Lab Laba-Laba: Pameran Jadul yang Menyenangkan

Going to the mall, city park, or theather is mainstream. I want to recommend you to go to Pameran Lab Laba-Laba which located in Perum Perfilman Negara (PFN), Otista, Jakarta Timur. There is art exhibition regarding old archives. You should go there, there are interesting films, videos and installations. The exhibition is open until April 26th. Ask @lablabalaba on twitter if you have questions.

I went there in the opening day, so I can share you some description what happened there.

Art from friend of mine, Luthfan.

Film production sequence. From beginning into ending.

Cut frames due to censorship

Other pictures 

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Couchsurfing Experience: Tourist from China

Same as my first experience, I was asked by Ika again to accompany foreigner. There was Kerry, traveller from Beijing who stayed in Ika's room for couple of nights. Initially, I headed to Ambassador Mall to meet with them. We looked for new phone number for Kerry then we separated. Ika continued to shopping, while Kerry and I continue our day, we went to Monas.

I just parked my motorbike at Monas, then we walked for a short distance to bus shelter. We took city tour bus. It was my first time honestly. I think, I also felt like tourist who enjoyed that bus for the first time. You can take that bus for free. One of interesting fact, you disallow to stand in that bus even just for short time. I stood for a minutes waiting for taking down in the next shelter, but the officer asked me to sit again, even the first floor was so full, so I needed to go to 2nd floor first, sat, bus was going, stopped, then we walked to 1st floor and took down from the bus. Ya, it's quite annoying. But I take it as the straight rule.

With Kerry. In the bus.

We finished our city tour around 6 pm. After maghrib pray, we headed to Sunda Kelapa Airport. Again and again, it was my first time there. Unfortunatelly, we visited there in the night, so the landscape is not as beautiful as I see in the internet. Nevertheless, I saw big ships there. We continued to Glodok, Kerry want to meet two artists.

Kerry told me that she wanted to meet the artists. First time, she said about artist, I imagined jakarta famous celebrity. Nonetheless, she explained me more detail what they do. In one of their facebook page, I see one of their arts is painting on the wall. I told to Kerry that I recently knew how to create that one. We can design in the computer first, then project it on the wall using projector and we can draw following reflected line.

We went to Lock Packer, hostel in the Glodok. I met with the visual artist and also Adrian, tourist from Belgium. When I had conversation with the artist, I asked him detail, where usually he paints. He said, he was doing project in IFI, Thamrin. Italian Ambassador. The interesting fact is, I've been in IFI when they were painting, I told Kerry that I recently knew how to pain on the wall, but I didn't recognize that the artists that I saw in IFI are them  hahaha quite complicated yet interesting.

In lost packer with Kerry, the Artists and Adrian 

All of us except Adrian continued to Melly's, one of lounges in Sarinah. We had conversation there, then there was a woman coming and joined with us. She is the artists' manager. As the time goes by, I asked here where she studied. She said, she has been in UK for 10 years. Ya, quite long time. Then, she said that she took visual art there, painting especially, but she changed her path into Art Business in her master degree. I was more excited when I knew she is art business graduated. I said that I want to pursue art business degree, I still do research what degree I should take? MBA focus on entertainment? Art management? Art business? Or what else? She gave me insight about those options and she said she was Sotheby's Institute for Art Business. That is one of my intended schools. Why does the circle so small and we have interesting correlation?

in Melly's

I took Kerry to Ika's room eventually. That night was so interesting and insightful for me. I got new connections and new stories :)

P.s: Sorry if my english still consists of errors

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Open Submission: UI Film Festival 2015

Do you remember 1st UI Film Festival? If you don't, click here. This year, Sinematografi UI executes this festival. Currently, short film submission is opened. You can click here for the requirement or here to submit your film. This is big chance for you, brilliant young filmaker to get decent exposure and let the audience watch your film. Deadline? Theme? Other questions? Just mention @UIFilmFestival or visit Good luck!

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K Organizer First Project

Doing what we love is extremely pleasure. Thank god, He gives me a lot of chances to do what I passionate about. Beside Lumos Production, I'm running professional Event Organizer. It called K Organizer. It consists of Me, Dinda and Dera who have experience organizing event together in RTC UI FM for two years. We don't need to start everything from zero, because we already closely knew each other. We knew working style, strength and weakness of each person.

In the end of March, there was Ayesha Birthday Party. Ayesha is Dinda's Niece. She is the most hipster girl I've ever known. She can sing Cold Play, Meghain Trainor, etc. On the D-Day, the house is very crowded. Full of family relatives and bestfriends of Ayesha's parents. I was so delightful having this birthday party as our first project. Hillarious! :)

Dinda, Dera and Me. Yeah, I am like a Giant there.

If you need team to organize your event, wedding, birthday party, travelling, music concert, or whatever, just drop your mail to Do not forget to follow our instagram @korganizer. Many thanks :)

P.s: All photographs were captured by Lumos Production.

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Balada Kopaja 2015 - Teaser Video

In mid of march, Risca asked me to help her producing teaser video for Abang None, Balada Kopada especially. She was head of publication and the project officer mandated her to use video as one of publication material. As I remember, Risca asked me for having 1st meeting in the monday, she explained what is the concept, then she sent me draft at that night. I reconstructed draft to be well-written script then think the visual detail and put it in shotlist.

In the wednesday, we did shooting. Thursday edited video and Friday published the video. It was short and fun. For production day. we started shooting after lunch and finished around 5 p.m. I was very glad and happy for this collaboration. Thank you Risca for trusting me and Akbar, Satrio as cast in that video. I know it was obsolate, because the event already happened in the end of march. I just post it as my memory.

just let me know if you have constructive feedback :)

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Sponsorship from Lumos Production

Lumos Production supported Festival Dwiwarna 2015. We gave free basic photography workshop, as short movie judge and also provide photobooth in the final day. Personally I like the school. Despite the far distance from my house, Dwiwarna feels so homey. I felt back to teen again at that time hahaha. Anyway the event run sucessfully. Congratulation for all committees.

These are some snapshots:

Photography Workshop 

Short Movie Judgement 

With the winner

Our photobooth 

Yeay!!!!  Lumos crew!!!

Oh ya, and finally I did stage photoshoot again after quite long time hehe. There were RAN, Superglad and Changcuters. My favourite is Changcuters, beside that was my first time watching them, they also have greate stage act, very attractive.

And these are the photographs:

Last, I want to let you know. If you have such as creative and fun event, just send your proposal to If your event is interesting, we can give you sponsorship. Thanks :)

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