Senin, 28 Maret 2016

Dream Project in Bandung

Doing what I love is my current job. Like previous month, I join LINKERS team as a contributor. We explored Bandung for several days. Basically, what we did are taking pictures of cafe, restaurants, food, art spaces, etc, We had been provided by nice hotel, car & driver, and also budget to try the food. Sounds like dream job, isn't it?

In the first day, Pew and I explored Pasar Jatayu, Wild Grass, Hummingbird, Imah Babaturan, and Miss Bee. Pasar Jatayu is place where you can get second-hand stuff, motorcycle spare part, vintage items, etc. Wild grass is the new new restaurant where I really like its homemade burger and also the drinks. Truly recommended. Hummingbird is just so so. Imah Babaturan is still memorable for me. The cheap price and the concept are great aspects. Last, I tried the Pizza in Ms. Bee. I don't know whether I was too hungry or the food is delicious, I just remember that I enjoyed that night.

Pasar Jatayu

Wild Grass

Imah Babaturan

In the second day, I moved from Blue Doors, then Kopi Armor, Day & Nite, and Hartwood. Blue doors is my most favorite coffee shop comparing to the others. The place, the coffee, the snacks are just fit to me. Kopi Armor is the best for the place. If you want to enjoy the coffee with fresh air, Kopi Armor is good option. We just had lunch in Day & Nite and don't really enjoy the food at all. The "Sapi Lada Hitam" is very poor. The rice is still uncooked well, I guess. Last, I don't really remember the outstanding thing in Hartwood, it just run ordinarily. Oh ya, I forget that I also went to Pasar Palasari where the books are everywhere. Interesting place.

Pasar Palasari

Blue Doors

Armor Kopi

In the third day, I did the photojournalism with Kang Ivan. We went to Factory Outlet in Jl. Riau and Jl. Dago, had lunch in Lawang Wangi then had dinner in Mouton. We also stopped by Roti Sidoadi and Kopi Purnama for a while. Nothing special with Jl. Dago and Riau. Lawang wangi successfully made my day. The place is artsy and cozy. The food is just good, not great. Mouton is great place to spent with our partner, family or friends. The festival concept and grilling its meat together will give us remarkable experience.

Lawang Wangi


In the fourth days, before back to Jakarta, I went to Nanny's Pavilion and Padma Hotel. I love the Nanny's food. I tried the ice cream with hot chocolate and other desserts, I forget the name. In Padma, I just accompanied Mba Sasha, our chief editor to take pictures of food in Padma Restaurant.

Nanny's Pavilion

I don't know because I did passionate job in Bandung or Bandung itself is so lovable. I just enjoy this trip. Bandung made me want to stay there for longer period. Thank you Mba Sasha, Kang Ivan, Pew and Mba Vita for including me in this team :D

Taken by: Mba Sasha

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Selasa, 15 Maret 2016

Videos of The Day

I love to get positive thought. That's why I often listen to TEDx videos in Youtube. Today I watched two videos which motivate me. The first one is about creativity which is presented by Ipang Wahid. I recently knew him from job vacancy that my friend to WhatsApp group. I was wondering who is he and when I search through internet, I just feel that he is so me. That's why I search a lot about him and I found the video.

The second video is about passion. The one that I already familiar with. The speaker is Rene. I didn't expect much thing because I have listened what he said about passion and purpose in YOT National Conference. However, I still got positive value from that video. I just remember about #Misi21 that I did in 2012 and I posted in twitter and you can read my #misi21 after watching the video below.

My #Misi21

@Misi21 #Day1 accompany friend to salon, got new part time job, use
public transportation

@Misi21 #Day2 potoin #metal08 pas gladi resik, naik bikun, buatin
video buat pacarnya temen (kapan buat video buat pacar sendiri ya?)

@misi21 #Day3 main tepok nyamuk di rtc

@misi21 #Day4 kasih selamat + fotoin para wisudawan, pinjemin kamera ke temen

@misi21 #Day5 dateng ke farewell para wisudawan, kasih selamat dan
foto bareng + kasih persembahan buat temen yang mau ke korea

@misi21 #Day6 berangkat ke bali naik pesawat untuk yang pertama kalinya haha

@misi21 #Day7 kenalan sama 2 cewek bule, ngeberaniin diri. Berenang di
pantai sampe disamperin anjing

@misi21 #Day8 pertama kali ke pulau penyu, foto stop motion
seru-seruan sama temen pas di tanjung benoa sana. Nemu yang namanya
blue point beach dan itu surga banget + cobain clubbing di daerah

@misi21 #Day9 jalan-jalan ke tanah lot. Beliin oleh-oleh dari jogja
(tas) untuk mama

@misi21 #Day10 ke perpus pusat sendirian buat belajar dan cari bahan skripsi

@misi21 #Day11 ke dufan bareng anak2 MnMs. Sumpah seru banget,
ditraktir full, naik banyak mainan walaupun awalnya full. Trus
endingnya joget2 ampe klimaks

@misi21 #Day12 potong rambut setelah bertahun2 :"

@misi21 #Day13 ke kampus dengan pakaian rapih (kemeja) dan rambut yang
udah rapih. Bikin ketawa temen karena liat rambut gue. Dan dateng
goethe lebih awal untuk baca skripsi

@misi21 #Day 14 ngerjain peer goethe dari siang, belajar depan laptop, ngaji

@misi21 #Day15 beli kertas baru, kasih buat temen2 di goethe. Wi-fi an
di sevel buat donlot fancy tran + upgrade bbm

@misi21 #Day16 meeting sama org radiant secara professional ttg TA.
Ketemu org2 pinter yg udah tua

@misi21 #Day17 ke RTC dan motivasi peka buat bikin blog & nganterin
peka pulang pake motor.

@misi21 #Day18 training EO RTC di perpus pusat dan beliin JCo buat anak2 EO

@misi21 #Day 19 ngajarin ojan ngeblog walaupun males2an karena
ngantuk. Ngaji di ta'lim ustad izzi

@misi21 #Day20 bikin greeting card gute besserung buat mama

@misi21 #Day21 nonton cerita nabi muhammad dan ngajak habil buat nonton

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Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Weekend in Padang

On the road accompanying my auntie from Abu Dhabi, my college friend texted me through LINE. He asked me to join the trip to Padang. There was the wedding of Dimas who is our college friend as well. Initially, I ignored the request. Nevertheless, Allam and Joni gave me good offering which is half price of a ticket to Padang and I didn't need to pay for a hotel.

I considered that I never go to Padang before and it sounds interesting. I decided to join the trip and it was so nice for the short getaway.

Joni picked me up at Cawang then we headed to Allam's place. We went to Soekarno Hatta Airport and put the car on parking area for one night. The flight time is around 1 hour 45 minutes. I got Lion Air for the first flight. As people said, it delayed for about 30 minutes. We Arrived at Minangkabau Airport around 8 a.m. Our friend who already there picked us up and provided rent car. The first thing to do in the morning is absolutely breakfast. Soto Padang was our choice at that time. Honestly, it was my first time trying that food. It was so nice. Furthermore, we directly drove to the wedding.

Joni, Andri, Allam

Roka and me

Dimas is 20th first wedding in #metal08

We took a rest in hotel for a while. Joni and Allam booked Pangeran Beach Hotel. Based on one of travel e-commerce. It is one of the top hotel in Padang. After praying Dzuhur we started our trip. We went to Lembah Anai, had early dinner or late lunch in Sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang, and enjoyed the cold weather in Bukit Tinggi.

Taking a rest in Hotel

Lembah Anai is the waterfall which located beside the road. It's quite famous there and being recommended place to go. When we drove to Sate Mak Syukur, we amazed seeing Asmaul Husna (99 Name of Allah) which installed on the side of the road. Afterwards, I enjoyed my first sate Padang ever in famous place in Padang Panjang which is Sate Mak Syukur or can be shortened by SMS haha. In Bukit Tinggi, I enjoyed the weather, the people and the circumstance. Backed from Bukit Tinggi, we tried to see Siti Nurbaya Bridge. However, I didn't enjoy that place. The place was under my expectation. I don't know maybe because my point of view or anything. Because I see in painting, it is so beautiful if you look from under the bridge in the afternoon.

It was raining for some times

Lembah Anai

Sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang

Bukit Tinggi

On the day

On the night
Siti Nurbaya Bridge

Second day, Andri Suryo flew to Palembang in early morning and Roka enjoy his day with his family.  Thus, Joni, Allam and I headed to Universitas Andalas then went to Sitinjau Lauik. The place where you can see Indian Ocean from the highland. Though, we can't see it clearly because it was so foggy. We ate instant noddle there. It was so great combination between hot food and cold weather.

Universitas Andalas

Sitinjau Lauik

The view when we ate noddle

We flew to Jakarta at 18.15. However it delayed around 30 minutes. Arrived in airport, we headed to car park and Joni took us to our own place. Thank you for this refreshing short getaway after long time we don't take vacation together as #metal08 brotherhood haha.

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Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

In the middle of internet surfing, I found thoughtful video. You can see what the video tells about by seeing the title. I hope you enjoy and get the positive insight as what I got :)

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Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Fashion Photoshoot? How it would be?

If you wondering how the circumstance of fashion photoshoot is, you should read this article. Two weeks ago, after recovery from my 3-weeks-bedrest, my KPJ mate (coky) texted me asking for the lens. He told me that he would do photoshoot for his portfolio. I proposed myself to be behind-the-scene-photographer-and-videographer in that fashion photoshoot.

I was excited to do this kind of job because I didn't do anything for 3 weeks and it was so bored. I also wanted to try my new toy, Nikon D750 for producing the video. We did photoshoot for 6 hours. That was so much fun and I got much knowledge indirectly from my two mates (Coky and David) regarding studio lighting and fashion photography.

The are two of final result of this photoshoot which captured by Coky.

Oh ya, I remember. One of the pleasures of joining this photoshoot is getting proper and studio-quality-pictures. These are some picture of us which are so cool for me, personally haha.

KPJ Brotherhood

I just love this portrait. Taken by Coky

Behind the scene pictures which captured by me can be seen on below.

More pictures? Click show button 

The last one, the the must-be-watched video finally has been done. You can see it on below. Enjoy :)

Credit goes to:
Photographer: Coky Putra
Producer and Lighting: David Hasudungan
Make Up Artist: Inez Febiola
Behind The Scene: Nizar

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