Minggu, 17 April 2016

Follow My Steller

A new social media is coming. I recently knew steller from Mba Vita. My mate in LINKERS. When she posted her story, I just adore the apps (beside her photostory for sure). I immediately downloaded the apps and now I have new hobby which is post photostory through steller. Please kindly follow my sleller :D

Some photostory that already posted

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Jumat, 15 April 2016

Back To Be Normal

If you bored or annoyed with my previous posts about my hair, I'm so sorry. I'm just archiving big things in my life. You know this hair is so eye-catchy and being one my identity. Being kribo, corn row or whatever looks so cool. However, it was just right time to have a haircut due to new phase of my life (no, just kidding hehe)

I want to save the moment when hairstylist cut my authentic hair.

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

Do Corn Row by Myself

Effort means result. However that rule is not applicable to this video. This video is the most engaging Facebook video I ever had. I don't know why. I didn't put too much effort in this video, but I got more that 1k views and some likes, shares and comments. It's quite big amount for me

You can watch the video as well.

Just click spoiler click below to see the comments

The engagements

If you are as same as common people who amaze with this video, I'll tell you the secret. Do you want to know how come I did corn row by myself?

Click "show" button to know the secret
I just simply reverse the video


The original video is that I untied my hair. However, I change the direction and woooosh!!! They amazed :D

Please forgive me, dude hahahaha

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

Arab (Otista) Next Top Model

I had a plan to do photoshot before I have a haircut. When I showed my hair to my photographer mate, Coky, he directly asked me for being his model. Pleasantly, I confirmed his request with a Yes. It's not because I want to be a model, narcissism, or whatever. Simply I want to collect my legendary hairstyle with great photo quality.

These are the picture which taken by Coky.

More pictures

Moreover, before I went to photoshot with Coky I met up with my mate Bella to discuss about technical thing regarding my next prewedding project. Instead of getting the way that I really want to know about, she captured some picture of me. I just want to say thanks to her as well.

This hairstlye wasn't long-lasting. Yes, that seems so cool but you will miss the way you wash and rub your hair conventionally.

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

First Time of Nyalon

I never think coming to Salon for taking care of my hair. But I need to do to achieve one of my life goals which I really want to since I was in college. Have you ever heard about corn row? Ya, the common hairstyle which be used for black people. If you watch Karate Kid, ya I was inspired by Jaden Smith. It was my second time having long and "Kribo" hair. I directly cut my hair in my first Kribo phase and I don't want to repeat it again. Therefore, I couraged myself to explore my hair without thinking that much about what will people comment, especially my family or older people.

I did it in Cyber Hair Salon in Kebayoran. If you googling "corn rown salon jakarta", Cyber Hair will be the most recommended salon. I went there by myself and explained to the hairstylist what I want to be aaaaaand, I got my corn row hair. Finally!!!!! :D

Oh ya, one info, I need to pay IDR 210.000 for making that hair. Worth it.

hahaha she shocked looking my hair

Final Result

"Where The Land Inspires The World"