Senin, 29 Agustus 2016

Craving for Family Vacation

Facebook throwback machine is always be my favourite. I am the one who collect photos and memories everywhere, in facebook, blog, etc. Today, one of the memories is family vacation in Anyer. I really miss family vacation. I just laughed seeing my nephews and nieces look younger in those photos.

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Those kids live in Pekalongan nowadays, I just have a plan to go there. Currently, I know that we can book the ticket online. Not only from KAI website but also from e-commerce like Tokopedia. I wish all of my work can be done without any revision and I can go there to visit my cute nephews and nieces :D

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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2016

[Music Video] Kemesraan

Finally, it has been released. The music video of [All Stars] Iwan Fals, NOAH, Nidji, Geisha and D'Masiv titled by Kemesraan. The shooting was actually executed around 6 months ago. Enjoy the video.

Directed by: Upie Guava

P.s: anyway I was being the extras for this music video, you can click here to see the behind the scene pictures.

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2016

Behind The Scene - Indonesia Raya Music Video

Doing what I love is my current business. Since a few months ago, I've been hired as personal assistant ot renowned TVC Director, Ipang Wahid. I'm so excited when there are projects so that I can learn as much as possible.

In this project, I was in charged from the beginning of concept making. I didn't literally making the concept but I see how the concept was made. I attended several pre-production meeting and make sure the director's need had been fulfilled.

These are some picture of behid the scene:

Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa

The Office

Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi

This is the final result

"Where The Land Inspires The World"

Enjoying Ciwidey

Complete is one word for Bandung. It's urban city yet natural one. We can easily find restaurant with good taste and cheaper price (than Jakarta). Bandung has many stories for me personally. The dream, love, project, etc. Last week I went to Bandung for quality time with my friends.

Licu is my travel mate in Phuket. She lives in Bandung nowadays. We stayed in her spacious house for a night. We arrived around 8 p.m. Beside some of my mates whom I already knew. I had many new friends, Apri, Khell and Ocin (I've met Ocin before just for a few minutes).

We had dinner in Eat Boss. It is located in Dago. The price is quite cheap. I ordered Chicken Cordon Blue (IDR 33.000), Big Passion Apple Tea (IDR 15.000) and Pizza half meter (IDR 50.000). I was so full. I need to take extra effort to finish all of meals. I really love the big apple tea. The size is literally big.

In the next day, we went to Ranca Upas. I was so excited because this place is so famous for prewedding photoshoot. There is much deer. I just found that my expectation was quite high. When I was there, I didn't found any special spot. Maybe, because it was raining and I didn't explore that much. However, it was still special because I have friend who I can take the photographs.

We continued to Kawah Putih. I didn't really excited because I have been there a few years ago. Moreover I expected the spot was so overcrowded. Yes it was crowded. Nonetheless, we still have great pictures there. Thank god for the foggy weather. I really love the smoke. It covered the green look of the lake. And hopla, it looks like in switzerland. You can see some pictures below.

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Switzerland Next Top Model :p (taken by Licu)

Photosession of Licu & Reza 

Woza cafe is our choice to spend our lunch time. Again, the price is affordable. I forget the detail, but it's still cheaper than it looks (considering the place). I ate nasi timbal and woza tea. The taste is 6/10. The interior is designed that we feels in the zoo. They use tiger and zebra pattern at the chair. We took some pictures there and Apri, Khell and Ocin directly backed to Jakarta while the rest of us backed to Licu's house.

Taking a rest, having conversation with Licu's family, having dinner and finally we had to back to Jakarta. Before going to Jakarta, we stopped at Mama Eha. Zainal was having high desire to go there. I just order teh tarik and the service was so slow.

Eventually we arrived in Jakarta at 2 a.m and we still had to wake up early because we needed to go to the office. Thank you guys for this very short gateaway and thanks for being my model :)

See you, Klaus :D

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Engineer's Sleepover

Pillow talks and sleepover sound so girly thing. We did it in the boy's term. Maybe boys night out sounds more proper way. A few days ago, my ex-office mates asked me to sleepover in his new apartment. I was so excited because we had this kind of plan for a few months already, and recently had been executed in last week.

Due to workloads, I came late. I came around 9 p.m. The Hendra's apartment Hendra is so proper. The room size, the living room, the toilet, kinda good apartment. I wish I had one someday. Amiiin. Playing play station, having dinner and we also swam at that night. I captured some photographsfor this night. Some of photographs also were captured by Yoga & Sogusa.

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Finally I have cool picture of me. Taken by Yoga

We shared our current updates and absolutely talked about our future. There is nothing happier than reaching the top together. I wish all of us getting the best things wherever we are. Amiiin.

P.s: There should be some interesting pictures and videos from Yoga's GoPro. I'll update here soon, when I got them.

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