Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

A Documentary of Mocca

Tuesday, june 26th 2012 I went to IFI Jakarta to watch documentary film of Mocca. I really recommend this film to all of you guys. I am not swinging friend so much, I just love their song in a few month ago. Cmon watch it, just go to http://gigsplay.com/ticketbox/ to order ticket or you can buy on the spot. You would regret if you don’t watch it. This screening just until june 30th. Thanks odi and nanien who accompany me, we watch it together :)

Some of Art.....

I bought two of postcard and will give it to my friend who love mocca

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Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Entrepreneurfes 2012

Hey guys, i have attended an awesome event which called Entrepreneurfes. I know about this event from twitter. Anyway i went there in first day from 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm. The place is in Epiwalk. I got two interesting session. The first one is Movie Industry and  the second one Passion To Performance. I want to share what i've got there to all of you guys.

1. Movie Industry
The speaker are Wulan Guritno as produser. She produce "Dilema" movie if you already watch it. Then the second speaker is Ananda Siregar as CEO of Blitz Megaplex. And the last is Cesa David Luckmansyah as editor in some Indonesian movie such as "Get Married", "Sang Penari", etc.

I got some point in this discussion. Cesa said movie industry is one of the industry that is not as much as like in economy industry, or engineering industry. So, the chance still big to be entrepreneur in this industry.

Courtesy: http://blog.sceneclips.com
Wulan guritno gave some her opinion and i really like it. She said that movie industry is not good industry IF you just want to get some profit. Because, some production of indonesian movie are loss. There are many reason why not easy to produce indonesian movie and get some profit. Many audience not really appreciate about Indonesian movie. They just want to watch box office movie. Or because the ticket price in cinema so expensive. Or about many reason such as bureaucracy, tax, government, marketing, etc. The point is if you want to play your business in movie industry, do it by your heart, by your passion. It is not about just want to get some profit. Because movie industry is not as easy as we imagine. The people behind indonesian movie have to struggle to develop Indonesian movie.

Ananda siregar gave some another point of view. He said, he more "play safe" than wulan and cesa. All of us know that to build cinema need a lot of extra money. And it not easy to get money to build a cinema. But if we looking about risk, cinema is safer than movie production. As wulan guritno and cesa said as player in production system, risk of loss in production is much. So if you want to get some profit in movie industry, build a cinema.

2. Passion To Performance
The speaker are my favourite coach, Rene Suhardono and his buddy Steve Kosasih. Both of them are founder and co-founder of Impact Factory.

I like the way they speak in this session. First, coach rene asked to audience are we really entrepreneur? He asked "who in this room can leave your business for one year and when you back to your business it still run?" Just one audience who put her hands up. His opinion, we can called us as entrepreneur if we have sustainable business, if we can leave our business and it still works.

They build a company which called "PT. Indonesia Lebih Baik". Because they know that we have our potential to be successful in the future but we didn't know about ourselve so much.

The key in entrepreneur is not to be about your market. It is about discover you

They gave us four point to be an entrepreneur. There are:
a) Passion. Search an activity that we never feel tired to do that and enjoy it so much. If we know that, we got the first point.
b) Purpose. What the vision of your life. Coach rene said "Sorry, but i have to say i not agree if somebody said their vision is to made our parents and family glad. It is too minimum. All we know that we have to parents and family glad. The purpuse have to be bigger than that.
c) Innovation capabilities. Our capability to search some chance and create value in something that will be more expensive after we add some value on that thing.
d) Grit. You show up no matter will happen. Somebody say you're crazy or something just do your business if that already on the right track. Believe yourself.

That's some value that i got in this event. I hope it useful for all of you guys. Have a nice weekend :)

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#1 Webseries Community Gathering

This wednesday, there was gathering of Webseries Indonesia Community. Actually, this is my first time join gathering this community. I know this info from Dennis Adhiswara's tweet. I guess this gathering would be fun and give me any knowledge about filmmaking and my prediction is right.

This event was held in IDS Epiwalk. There were some speaker and they shared about their channel. Anyway for all of you who didn't know about webseries. So, webseries is such as video or movie which played in website such as Youtube and we can make it regularly like serial movie. There was so many interesting youtube channel. If you want to join this gathering just follow dennis on twitter or me. I'll share info about any event like this.

Find inspiration here:

Please let me know if you get some great channel youtube. I'll share it to the others if that really great. Let's do filmmaking. Not only criticize, but our own movie. Good luck.

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YOT Family Day 2012

YUHUUUU!!! In the middle of thesis writting finally i can refresh my mind. I went to pulau tidung at June 16-17 with some Young On Top Campus Ambassador. It seems like farewell for the previous batch and the next batch of this mentorship program. I went there by woody ship. This is the picture.

Outside and inside look of that woody ship

Start from Muara Angke at 7 am and arrive at Pulau Tidung maybe at 10 am. The first plan, after arrive at pulau tidung, we continue snorkling after lunch but it had been canceled. So, we played uno, rode bicycle, played some outbond games, banana boat and jumped from "Jembatan Cinta". Anyway glad to have great outbound team. Kelompok humor. Hahahaha. And this is some picture.

More photos

Kelompok Humor

Back to our hostel or cottage, i don't know what have to called. Take a bath, dinner, and barbeque party. But, before eat Fish and Chicken BBQ, we exchange gift to each other. And play truth or truth. The question mostly same "Who is the person who closest with you right now? (siapa gebetan lo sekarang?)" It would be unforgettable moment because some of us like shy to speak up. And always say some excuse such as "we just bestfriend or partner in something or anything else". I can't tell more about this moment. We committed "What happened in tidung stays in tidung" especially for this moment :p

Anyway we also guess about our guardian angel. So we have game which called "Guardian Angel". All of us have guardian angel, so we have to care and help our angel but the person shouldn't know that we are her/his guardian angel. I am guardian angel of our mentor "Mas Henry Pradipta". I didn't have an idea what i had to do as an angel, but i try my best to close with my angel hahaha. And i have my guardian angel, she is "Bestari". Honestly, i didn't have any feeling that she is my angel but when she explain what she already do as guardian angel then i know that she is my guardian angel. Thank you Bestari for your attention :")

More photos

Back to cottage and i directly sleep. But, in another cottage such as qbill, khrisna, jojo, iman, mas billy, etc they said that they continue played uno until 3 am. And there was fun moment there. Unfortunatelly, i wasn't there. Okay, we continue our holiday after breakfast. We did snorkling. This is my first time honestly. I was very happy and enjoyed this activity. Tried with life jacket and try without lifejacket and dive for any meter in depth and took some photos.

More photos

After snorkling, took a bath, had an early lunch with sandy, sissy, and iman then back to jakarta. Anyway, i promise to make video about this trip. when i have enough time, i'll edit some clip that i captured there. It will be great video. Trust me B-)

Thank you so much CA for this amazing holiday. We have to make it again in the next holiday :D

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Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Goethe A2.1

Congratulation, we passed from A2.1. And now we continue to A2.2. The last meeting of deutsch course for this level, we took some photos. Go Go Go Deutsch!!!

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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Chocolate of The Day

I got it from my friend. Looks so delicious hehehe

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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012


The most sophisticated radio in town. The place where i grew up :"D

Picture is taken by: peka

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Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Photos of Inan

Found photos of inan when she was 1-2 years old. Really cute for sure. We love you inaaaan :")

More Photos

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