Senin, 31 Desember 2012

What I've Done in 2012

Even just 3 of 8 my resolution that i chased, but i still did many things in this year. I want to write it down what i have done in 2012.

* I started this year with all of my big family to celebrate New Year Eve in Bandung. The story is here.
* My article was one of the inspiring article Young On Top in January. Click here to read.
* is changed to More professional and my blog as media partner some of event in UI
* As PIC of Talent Love Donation 2012. Click here for 1st day story and here for 2nd day story.
* Bali Trip with #metal08. Super fun and that was our last vacation before we graduated. The story is here.
* I had to cut my hair which already "kribo". Click here to read.
* I got new Nizarland's Logo from Ahmad. This one for the story.
* THESIS!!!!! I did it as one of the requirements to graduate from my campus. The tittle of my thesis is "Studi Pengaruh Tekanan Kompaksi dan Waktu Kalsinasi Terhadap Pellet Zeolit Alam Sebagai Desiccant"
* I did reportage for "Kelas Inpirasi" which was held by Indonesia Mengajar. I met a lot of inspiring people there. The story is here.
* I got the first Postcard from Bangkok and now i love to create postcard and share to my mate. This is the postcard from Bangkok 
* I created Polycrystalline. The short film that i created with metallurgy and materials student to enter Teknik Cup Competition. Thank god we are the first winner of Short Film Category. Click here to read.
* YOT Mengajar, Ecouture, Monthly Meeting and end our Journey as Campus Ambassador in Tidung for YOT Family day. Click here to read YOT Family Day and here to read my short story as Young On Top Campus Ambassador.
* First time to Join Futsal Competition. Click here to read.
* First time as a Judge in Poster Competition. Click here to read. And the second one as a Judge in Advertising Competition. Click here to read.
* I created the best documentary film for #metal08. It super succeeded. Click here to read.
* I changed Nizarland layout for the fourth time.
* I often do photography in gigs and something. Just see in my DeviantArt.
* I helped my lecture to do his Project about Distribution gas in Papua even i just did it for two weeks
* As professional photographer in Abang None Jakarta Timur Grand Final and professional filmmaker/video editor for event in my friend's office.
* Do red bull air race project
* Internship in Media Online about Film, Tv and Entertainment. I got many experience there.
* I created short film titled by Waktu Kunjung Pacar and succeeded as Best Viewers Choice Award. And we got Galaxy Tab 2 as the prize. I created it with Sinematografi UI and Broadcasting UI 2007. Click here to read.
* Read some self-development books. Leader without A Tittle, Your Job is Not Your Career, Mimpi Sejuta Dollar, Young On Top Campus Ambassador, My Life as Film Director 
* First time watch in IMAX and for free :p. The story is here.
* First time attending Europe On Screen.
* My twitter was hacked. The story is here.

The highlights in 2012 were doing my thesis well and graduated as engineer, created some movie (Polycrystalline, Film Dokumenter #metal08, YOT Family Day and Waktu Kunjung Pacar), internship in Muvila while waiting for engineering job, and were doing a lot of my passion such as Photography, make a new friend, went to free event, read some self-development books, watch some movies, etc. And now i have one of new dream. I want to be one of the Famous Film Director in Indonesia.

2012 is the year that i used to search my passion. And next year should be more amazing. I can't wait work as engineer while can have another sidejob/project/businesses.

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Resolusi 2012 [Reviewed]

Graduate from University Indonesia for 4 years with IPK more than 3,3
(I chased it. Thank god)

Got intership, part time job, or whatever in my engineering side before i graduated
 (Actually, my thesis was from company. Firstly i thought thath kinda internship. But it wasn't like "internship" in my expectation)

Go abroad when i still was student (Such as for exchange student, conference, competition, etc)
(I still can't chase it. It my resolution from last year. Its okay)

Work in Oil and Gas Company after i graduated
(Thank god, i got it. Even the work will start in January 2013)

Join "Abang None Kepulauan Seribu"
(Hmmm.. i cancel this as my resolution honestly, hmmm i confused to explain "why")

Nizarland go professional, change to and could be media partner of some event.
(Yo yo mamen, it really comes true. Some of event in UI ask Nizarland as their media partner)

Have a lovely partner
(I still can't chase it. I think lovely partner would come in the right time. Even i have my own lovelife, but i don't want to share it publicly. Just me and her)

Could drive a car
(I didn't even try it)

My weight above 70kg
(When doing my thesis my weight was increase but not exceed than 70kg)

Just 3 of 8 my resolution that i chased. I tried my best. But it's reality. I keep still learning and learning to develop myself. I will post what i have done in this year in separate blogpost.

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A lot of Topics

Yeah, sunday night we planned to Reading Room Jakarta for watching one of the recommended documentary film from my friend 'Act of Killing'. But unfortunatelly, the seats were full even for screening at 9 p.m. We already there at 5.45 p.m. So we continued our chit-chat to La Codefin Kemang. We ate Hoka-hoka bento. One of the affordable restaurant there. But we thought, we need more time and more comfortable place to chit-chat. Then we went to McD and chit-chat for more than 3 hours i think. We just "nyemil-nyemil lucu" like McFlurry and Beef Burger but got sofa seat and stay long time enough. So lucky

Really a lot of topics to chat with Qbill, Khrisna, Thalita and Sasha. See you all next year :p

Click the image to enlarge then you can see what we talked

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Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

My Twitter Have Been Hacked

Twitter ke-hack itu rasanyaaaa......... Apa ya? Antara ngenes, kesel, tapi yaudah. Beberapa hari yang lalu paket Blackberry Internet Service emang mati. Jadi gue ga standby twitter. Ngecek cuma beberapa kali via laptop atau handphone temen. Ketika tanggal 26 Desember kemaren, tepat berapa tahunnya tsunami (bagian ini lebay), gue pun gak bisa login twitter. Katanya password atau username-nya salah.

Coba kotak-katik pake forgot password, tetep gabisa, soalnya emailnya juga udah keganti ama si hacker. Jadi untuk reset password yang dikirim dari twitternya kekirim ke email si hacker yang gue gak tau. Jadi intinya gue gabisa pake lagi akun itu. Anyway akun itu berubah jadi @Cyber4rtDOTcom. Dan penampakannya berubah seperti dibawah ini.

Oke, 47.711 gue sekarang hilang. 1.195 followers juga lenyap. Banyak yang bilang "Yaaah sayang banget followers udah seribu gitu". Sebenernya iya sih, tapi mau gimana lagi. Yaudah lah ya. Kabar baiknya karena akun itu berubah username, jadinya gue masih bisa pake username lama gue @nizarland. Gak ngebayangin sih kalo username-nya sama trus gue ganti jadi apa? @NizarPunyaTwitterBaru ? @TheRealNizar ? Atau apaaa?? (efek lebay dikit juga dibagian sini haha)

Yaudah lah ya, tandanya harus mengikhlaskan sesuatu. Emang udah harusnya memulai tahun 2013 dengan twitter baru kali ya. Yang menting username masih @nizarland. Jadi kalo ada anonymous mau mention masih bisa dengan yang sama. Dan gak berasa kok kalo ini twitter baru, toh yang gue follow juga sama. Timeline sama aja rasanya. Ya cuma bedanya, kalo kali ini responnya ga terlalu banyak. Toh followersnya masik sikit. Baru berumur dua hari lah ya sampai gue ngepost kali ini.

Oh iya, gue udah coba email ke twitter support tentang masalah ini, dibales sih tapi tetep gak ngebantu. Ya intinya, bikin twitter baru aja kalo kata si customer servicenya. Sebenernya sih sempet galau mau bikin twitter lagi atau enggak. Soalnya antara udah banyak yang ga pake dan agak males (kebanyakan udah pake path, dll), tapi masih butuh buat komunikasi (misalnya janjian mau kemana tinggal mention, atau dikabarin sama temen yang biasanya cuma mention) dan juga masih butuh buat liat info apapun.

Nah, buat kalian yang belom follow twitter baru gue, langsung aja re-follow @nizarland. Brand new season with same username :D

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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Usman!

Last thursday, we celebrated one of our family birthday. He is usman. He is 3 years old right now. We had party in KFC X'tainment Jatinegara and invited some of our family and friends. Happy to capture this moment. Full of happiness :)

I love children expressions. As always. See it here...

Like a Boss

I also took my picture with them. See it here...

New style to take a picture

Yes, we are big happy family :)

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Rasanya Magang di Media

Halo semuanya, kali ini gue mau nge-share hal yang lama banget pengen gue share tapi gak jadi-jadi, yaitu pengalaman magang gue di media online.

Mulai dari tanggal 29 Oktober s.d 3 Desember 2012, gue magang di Mungkin kalo lo liat beberapa postingan gue pada tanggal-tanggal segitu kalian tau kalo gue lagi magang disana. Gue magang sekitar sebulan. Awalnya diajakin sama senior radio kampus gue (nana). Dan gue penasaran aja, karena pernah punya cita-cita untuk buat portal website gitu. Dan Muvila ini media onlina yang bahas tentang film, tv, dan entertainment. Gue merasa "wah gue banget nih".

Rasanya magang di media itu menyenangkan. Karena kantornya gak kaku coorporate gitu. Kantor Muvila sementara masih di kantor Fimela (Muvila dan Fimela satu grup, dibawah Octovate Group). Kantornya sangat berwarna. Isinya stylish dan fabolous deh. Macbook atau iMac dimana-mana, terus orang-orangnya juga yang modist (soalnya kan Fimela juga bahas tentang fashion lalalala yah).

Ini depan kantornya (kayak rumah, bukan gedung tinggi gitu)

Parkiran Mobilnya

Pemandangan dalem kantor? Liat disini
Pemangangan depan gue persis

Pemandangan sebelah kanan

Dan ini ruangan boss. Persis dibelakang gue. Kena pantau banget kan hehe

Selain kantornya yang asik dan santai, gue seneng ketemu banyak temen baru mulai dari Aji, Yugo, Hans, Ara, Eka, Ula, Syukron, Mas Angga, Mba Sandra dan Big Boss nya mas Aoura. Mereka anaknya baik, super welcome, terus update tentang film lalalala (yaiyalah, kerjaannya cari berita tentang film, tv & entertainment, hahaha). Gue merasa update banget deh pas magang di Muvila.

Trus juga bisa kenalan dengan banyak komunitas dan movie blogger. Kebetulan itu kerjaan gue saat magang. Awalnya input database TV Show. Karena kan Muvila belom launching waktu gue masuk, jadi gue juga bantu cariin data tentang TV Show untuk di-input. Tapi setelah itu gue lanjutin bantu Nana di Marcomm. Jadi kalo ada event, gue in-charge disana. Kontak beberapa komunitas dan movie blogger juga.

Nah kalo sekarang enggak enaknya yah. Gue kira yang namanya magang di media itu sebegitu dinamisnya. Hmmm...ternyata enggak juga yah. Kerjanya itu bener-bener depan komputer dari pagi sampe sore. Kayaknya gue baru tau deh, kalo gue bukan tipe orang yang betah kerja terus-terusan di depan laptop. Monoton aja. Awalnya sih oke, bisa nyari berita sambil nge-youtube dengan koneksi internet yang cepet. Tapi lama-lama sampe bingung juga apa yang mau dibuka. Ya kerjaannya setiap hari itu-itu lagi. Jam 10 mulai ngantor, buka laptop, buka Ms. Outlook (sebagai email), firefox (buat browsing), excel (buat masukin database). Lama-lama bosen (IMHO)

Yang gue hadepin hampir satu bulan

Trus juga sejujurnya ketika magang gue gak ngerasa "mikir" sama sekali. Mungkin karena gue anak teknik kali ya, biasa "mikir" ngitung lalala, terus gue jadi kangen aja sama yang namanya "mikir". Yang gue lakuin sebulan kemaren yang masukin database (tinggal nyari di internet), kontakin komunitas dan movie blogger juga gak pake "mikir".

Mungkin itu aja kali ya, tapi secara keseluruhan gue seneng bisa magang di Muvila karena nambah ilmu, temen, dan belajar cara menghadapi boss. Gue belajar kalo yang namanya kerja, komunikasi itu penting. Misscomm dikit, bisa berabe. Semoga ini bisa jadi bekal untuk di dunia kerja selanjutnya :)

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Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Nidji at Terusik Traxkustik All Star

Payung Teduh at Terusik Traxkustik All Star. December 19th, 2012 at Gandaria City. Enjoy the pictures :)

Click show button to see more pictures

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Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Raisa at Terusik Traxkustik All Star

Payung Teduh at Terusik Traxkustik All Star. December 19th, 2012 at Gandaria City. That was my second time after watch her one year ago at Terusik Traxkustik December 2011. Always love to capture her picture. Completely beautiful :D

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