Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011


yo men, watzaaap! in this post we're talking about Design, yes poster design

a few weeks ago, i tried to register competition in my campus. and that was, TAXPLORE 2011. honestly, i don't really great at poster design. but the lucky was me :p

and this is my poster
 copyright Nizarland

and this is picture when i present my picture in front of audience and judges

and this is the final event, my name was announce as the 3rd winner of Tax Design. Thank god :)
selamat ya nak, anda menang :p

lumayan ngeceng di depan anak fiskal dan pajak. haha

even, the competitor not much as you imagine. but, i really happy that was the first time i was the winner of competition in my own campus :)

What i got

never give up to raise what you wanna. because there is Allah who can help us :) keep spirit :D

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2 komentar:

  1. wuuiddiiwwww.. saik!!
    boleh dah lo jadi team buat poster TC,haha
    oia, buat bidang seni TC udh da peraturan, tema dan segala macem.
    Ntar lo tinggal hubungi Abi aja, ok?

  2. ehehhe biasa aja kok weeen, lo gak tau si kondisinya waktu lomba itu. hehe
    gue gak terlalu bisa kalo poster. cuma editing standar. joni tuh dia mantap!