Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Training EO RTC 2012

Last friday night, i stay at RTC for one night. Sleep at RTC and take a bath in my department (metal). Because at saturday there was Training Event Organizer. And i was being the trainer. Firstly, i want to share all of knowledge, information and experience to new Event Organizer RTC so that they can do their job well. And the second, i want to learn and have experience to be a trainer. And really happy can share anything to people around us :)

Good luck for my pride event organizer to do your job. You're not event organizer RTC if didn't organize event AMAZINGLY. Go ahead! :)

Anyway, now i think it's time to me for sharing anything i know to many people. If you want to me sharing anything i know such as organize an event, blogging tutorial, etc. Just contact me. Thanks :D

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