Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

New Year Eve 2012

Thank god finally my final exam was over, so i can write about last new year eve here.

My family planned to spend our new year eve at Bandung. I feel so happy since it had been long time we didn't holiday together. We spend 4-5 hours to go to Bandung, it didn't because traffic but we got stupid driver who doesn't know direction to Bandung. Huft, but that one of the thing that made our trip so fun :")

rain accompanied our trip

Arrive at Bandung, we had been dinner at Ampera "Amanah Penderitaan Rakyat" hahaha. And after that back to home-where-we-stay and as usually, taken some picture :)

pas makan di Ampera

with my cousin

yang ini judulnya "Deep Collector chayank anaq" :p


Day was change, and 31th December was coming. We've been ready for spend our new year eve together. Started at 3 PM we went to Rumah Sosis, and after Maghribh until 9 PM we spent our night at Paris Van Java. Because that place so crowded so we moved and decided to go The Peak. We arrived at The Peak exactly at 23.59 and we really enjoy the Fireworks, so awesome and as you guess I took some firework frame :)

Namaku Usman Kribo :3

at Rumah Sosis

at Paris Van Java

At The Peak

Fireworks frame 

How beautiful that moment, i could see many fireworks at the sky together with my family. Great moment!

We arrive at home-where-we-stay about 3 AM, and i directly sleep. Wake up and enjoy the last day at Bandung, we went to Ampera for a lunch and went to The Valley as our last destination. And the place really amazing  i think. How i love my family, really quality time there :)

before we continued our trip

i brought my amunition :p

at The Valley

From there, we back to Jakarta. That really great trip at great moment with great family. Let's love our family and have quality time with them.

Say hello for your family :)

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  1. Blogwalking!
    Kak nizar isi blognya asik dan inspired hehe btw, are you kidslover? What a cool! ;-)

  2. hai sarah, baru nge-add di facebook yah? makasih banyak yah. semoga suka sama blog nya. yes, im a kidslover :D

  3. hahaha iya banget sih, makanya gue sadar nih pas udah2 semester akhir. gue harus bersyukur banget bisa masuk di fakultas teknik, emang disitu jalannya. walaupun gak sedinamis FIB tapi ya namanya rumput tetangga lebih hijau yah. gue liat FIB keren, anak FIB liat teknik yang keren haha