Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Kemang with 'Bule'

spend saturday night with foreigner really interesting. we can chit-chat with english to practice, know about their culture, have fun with them, ya really nice. thanks my friend (rivky) for his privilege to ask me join that party. and now i know lil bit greeting from another language, such as Russian. but still lil bit. maybe next time, i'll join them and get many knowledge and information from them. nice to meet you all :)

the yellow is Rivky, and the others are Maxin, Sasha and Katie

They look so fun!

Steven and Deff

yeah, another foreigner

Brazilian Women. Queen of that party, i think. so beautiful :p

"Where The Land Inspire The World"

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  2. temenin temen gue raaaa, kapan lagi bisa join party bareng bule-bule. haha ada yang cantik lagi yang brazil. gak faham lagi raaaaa. beeeh! puncak acara banget tu harim berdua haha