Jumat, 15 April 2016

Arab (Otista) Next Top Model

I had a plan to do photoshot before I have a haircut. When I showed my hair to my photographer mate, Coky, he directly asked me for being his model. Pleasantly, I confirmed his request with a Yes. It's not because I want to be a model, narcissism, or whatever. Simply I want to collect my legendary hairstyle with great photo quality.

These are the picture which taken by Coky.

More pictures

Moreover, before I went to photoshot with Coky I met up with my mate Bella to discuss about technical thing regarding my next prewedding project. Instead of getting the way that I really want to know about, she captured some picture of me. I just want to say thanks to her as well.

This hairstlye wasn't long-lasting. Yes, that seems so cool but you will miss the way you wash and rub your hair conventionally.

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