Kamis, 16 April 2015

Pameran Lab Laba-Laba: Pameran Jadul yang Menyenangkan

Going to the mall, city park, or theather is mainstream. I want to recommend you to go to Pameran Lab Laba-Laba which located in Perum Perfilman Negara (PFN), Otista, Jakarta Timur. There is art exhibition regarding old archives. You should go there, there are interesting films, videos and installations. The exhibition is open until April 26th. Ask @lablabalaba on twitter if you have questions.

I went there in the opening day, so I can share you some description what happened there.

Art from friend of mine, Luthfan.

Film production sequence. From beginning into ending.

Cut frames due to censorship

Other pictures 

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