Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

Aveva Marine Exams

Hey you, yes you? How was your weekday run? Good? As fresh graduate who start work in engineering company, i also have to be trained before i do the real work. Last weekdays, i did Aveva Marine training. Aveva Marine is software that you can use to modelling equipment, drafting, and many engineering stuff. Maybe you can search at google for the detail.

Anyway, i have two exams for this training. First about marine drafting module and the second is about equipment module. I really glad to do that exam, since my brain unconsciously forced to think. Then, i always enjoy the time after exam when the stress released.

The picture below are the stuffs that i have to make.

Is it cool? ;)

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  1. waaah keren bgt nizar webnya. hehe ditunggu ya post-an ujian AM lainnya, lebih seru lagi plus jawabannya :D

    1. thank you gardina, waduh gak boleh dibocorin dong kalo jawabannya (berasa bisa aja gitu) hehehe